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VHF / UHF Conventional Mobile Radios

The 160-Series compact mid-tier mobile line offers full-featured simplicity for the volunteer public safety, public service, government, industrial and service industry users in a rugged 128 channel platform. The extra large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. Inversion scrambling for first level voice security is included. Inversion Scrambling and Encryption /ANI control permits first level to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Emergency Call (front panel & footswitch input) provides distress notification with FleetSync®, MDC-1200/G-Star and DTMF ANI formats. Full FleetSync® includes PTT ID, Caller ID and non-voice status and text messaging. FleetSync®, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Call provides built-in talkback paging capability. FleetSync®, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Call provides built-in talkback paging capability. The accessory port option and programmable interface I/O's permit interface with data modems, headset/intercom systems, police motorcycle headset/PTT systems for vehicular installations or remote control termination panels for base/control station fixed installations.

General Features

  • 25/50 W (136-174 MHz) Models
  • 25/45 W (450-490 MHz) Models
  • Conventional Zones
  • 128 Channels/128 Zones
  • Single Priority Scan
  • Single/Multi-Zone Scan
  • 8-Character Alphanumeric Aliases
  • Backlit LCD & Keys
  • Transmit/Busy/Call Alert LED
  • 9 Programmable Function Keys
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • Special Alert Tone Patterns
  • Ignition Sense
  • QT/DQT
  • Two-Tone Decode
  • Single & Two-Tone Encode
  • MIL-Spec Standard Mic
  • MIL-Spec 12-Key DTMF Mic Option
  • Cloning


  • PTT ID Digital ANI
  • Selective Call & Group Call
  • Status Messaging
  • Emergency Status
  • Caller ID Display
  • FleetSync GPS Ready
  • PTT ID & Emergency GPS Reporting


Kenwood TK-7160 / TK-8160 Brochure