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Because we are a family and employee owned business, it is important that every job we do reflects the focus and attention we give to every one of our customer’s needs. In our continuing effort to offer the highest quality work, we use the most advanced, up-to-date technology available. This advanced technology allows us to keep our customers up and running, no matter what it takes.

Near or Far, Come Wind, Rain or Snow

Our entire business relies on a business management software system specifically designed for serialized equipment and wireless communication companies called MSS-21  by Systems Implementation, Inc., headquartered in Troy, NY. This system has enabled us to mobilize our employees, and give them instant access to important real-time information about our customers as needed - no matter where they are. That information empowers us to make well informed on-site decisions, thereby allowing us to provide better service and support to our customers.

The majority of our modern, custom vehicles are 4-wheel drive. We also house and maintain a family of snowmobiles. So we are ready! In the event of even the most severe weather conditions, we're prepared and fully able to get where we need, when we need to be there.

The Digital Age is Now

The times are changing. Digital communications is here, and now. We saw the transition to digital communications before it happened, so we were ready and already moving aggressively in that direction. As a result we have prepared our system integrators so that they are a step ahead of technology. They are educated in the most current industry changes so that we are able to take advantage of IP based network systems. For our customers, this means a smooth and seamless transition to digital communication.