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When you work with large teams that need a reliable alert system, pagers are an excellent solution. Motorola Minitor Pagers from NYCOMCO are ideal for emergency teams and first responders. These pagers are built to be user-friendly, work in any environment, and give your team a dependable communication tool when they need it most.

Flexible Options Are Mission Critical

In emergencies, clear and fast communication is crucial, and we regular outfit police and fire departments with the equipment they need for day-to-day operations. Fire paging in the Hudson Valley provides optimized communication systems and unique solutions to minimize interference to help your team maintain a connection in emergency conditions. Minitor VI Pagers have been thoroughly tested with Motorola’s arduous Accelerated Life Testing. The design, function, and operation of Minitor VI Pagers are certified to ensure that they continue working in extreme temperatures and weather conditions to remain a trusted connection for your workers. Our staff can help you find Minitor Pagers in NYCOMCO and will answer any questions, including those about options and pricing beyond our Product Catalog for Motorola Pagers. Request a quote today, and we’ll get you the emergency equipment you and your employees need.

Motorola Solutions

Public Safety Pagers

With robust, compact and improved receiver design, Motorola Minitor VI™ pagers are exceptionally trustworthy. They are designed for those working in challenging environments and have been rigorously tested to ensure communication is clear in the the most demanding conditions.

Public Safety Pager Accessories

Motorola Minitor VI Pagers can record up to 16 minutes of messages, with replay, skip, locking, and delete features directly on the controls. Users can customize channels, profiles, and alerts for greater control and security. Our staff can discuss Minitor Pagers in NYCOMCO and help set up your equipment, customize alert tones and memo announcements, or program profiles accordingly.

Two-Way Radio Accessories

The Motorola pagers in NYCOMCO come equipped with a rechargeable battery but offer a variety of accessory options. Built-in voice amplifiers, alkaline battery trays for in-field battery replacement, and voice announcements that can amplify your Minitor VI pager’s capabilities.

Intrinsically safe models are certified for hazardous environments and provide added safety to your workers. When other communications tools are unable to be used for fear of ignition to harmful gases, intrinsically safe Minitor VI Pagers in NYCOMCO will continue performing and help your team stay safe and connected.



Unication USA is a company that specializes in wireless public safety communications products and has been a leader in the P25 pager industry since 1992. Some of the most impressive features of the Unication public safety pagers include the following:
– IP67 Ratings, meaning they are essentially dust and waterproof
– Up to 32 minutes of voice storage and voice memos
– Ruggedized pagers built to P25 standards that can take stand up to some rough treatment
– Impact-resistant color screens
– Supports multiple TGIDs and priority TGID scan
– Up to 256 channels (G4 and G5 pagers) and up to 512 channels (G2 and G3 pagers)


Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organizations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. We develop innovative software solutions, design secure alarm networks and produce reliable and robust pagers/detectors in Switzerland. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.

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