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Your Motorola two-way radios aren’t complete without the right accessories to get the job done. Motorola radio parts available at NYCOMCO will meet your every need and maximize the benefits of your company’s Motorola two-way radios. Call us to request a quote.
Two-Way Radio Batteries
Your team’s communication is not reliant on the two-way radio; it’s reliant on your two-way radio batteries. The power source to your radio matters when your team is on the road, in the field, or responding to an emergency. Rather than building radios that are subject to the quality of third-party batteries, Motorola designed their own. For everyday users, Motorola Original two-way radio batteries are the dependable, affordable choice. For those who need extended support for mission-critical communications, the IMPRES 2 power system is Motorola’s own battery system, offering power management from a distance so that you can be sure your team will stay connected. The IMPRES 2 system comes with a multi-unit charger, single-unit charger, and batteries for your Motorola two-way radios. Other features of the latest IMPRES 2 batteries include:
  • 40% faster charging times
  • Enhanced diagnostics for maximized battery usage
  • Increased water resistance
  • Ability to charge up to 60% more times than standard lithium-ion batteries
  • Integrated USB charging ports
  • Data displays
  • Optimized storage settings
  • Durable design
View our Product Catalog to discover the features and benefits of Motorola radio batteries for your the Hudson Valley business.
Two-Way Radio Headsets
Portable two-way radio headsets are just one of the many accessories that will enhance the features of your radio. Motorola headsets offer high-quality voice clarity in a range of designs to meet varying levels of comfort and dress codes. Our Product Catalog features discreet and hands-free models that are ideal for hospitality settings, security services, and retail. We also offer heavy-duty headsets that overpower the sounds of loud machinery in industries like manufacturing, construction, and emergency services. Discover how Motorola radio accessories can elevate your communications by viewing our collection of headsets in the Product Catalog.
Multi-Unit Chargers for the Hudson Valley
Optimize your battery life with multi-unit chargers that cater specifically to your Motorola batteries and are the only certified chargers for Motorola radios. As part of the IMPRES 2 battery system, multi-unit chargers can help increase efficiency when it comes to your Motorola radios. Similarly, chargers specific to SL Series radios and APX Series radios allow simultaneous charging that also maximizes communication in the field. View the full multi-unit chargers Product Catalog to find out how you can maximize operational efficiency. Experience the full Motorola solution with two-way radio accessories, including batteries, multi-unit chargers, and headsets. Request a quote for radio accessories matched to your business needs by contacting us at NYCOMCO.


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