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Spillman Software in the Hudson Valley

Using Spillman Technologies cloud-based product “Ally” for private safety security, Motorola supplies users with an integrated workflow from the first call to case closure, allowing for a more intelligent and efficient communication process.

We provide private security businesses and organizations with Spillman software in the Hudson Valley for record-keeping systems that they can count on. Ally software in the Hudson Valley supplies users with superior record management, dispatch, and reporting abilities so that they can do their job more efficiently.



Web-based, Ally is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that has been created to enable those in the private security sector to do their job more efficiently and reliably. Using Ally software in the Hudson Valley, personnel have access to complete security recording software, so they can respond quickly to calls and streamline data effectively.

Ally as an incident management software in the Hudson Valley is able to provide both your company security team and contracting security organizations with advanced technology and tools to manage all of your important data and information. That includes incident reporting, location information, name and vehicle records, and analytical abilities of all this information.

Since it’s easy to fit these security systems into your budget, you’ll be able to maintain high company security using this software. Working with Motorola, Ally is able to provide you with these data records while mobile. Each of Ally’s features can be accessed from any device that is internet connected.

What does all this mean to you and your business? When your security force is doing security checks, they don’t have time to search for information through data that’s stored in numerous locations, including physical paperwork. Using Ally, your team is able to quickly access the data they need to do their job and keep your business protected and free from security risks.

Ally will also allow you to analyze incidents and provide reports so that you can be more proactive when it comes to security management. Ally is easy to use and access, providing you with immediate communication across all your Motorola wireless devices. Plus, mass notification features mean that everyone on your team will be notified and alerted when incidents arise, increasing your security and reducing risk. Spillman continues to work with Motorola on upgrading devices and software, and we bring you the best in software security and communications.

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