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At NYCOMCO, partners mean a lot to us. We do more than just provide strategic wireless communication solutions for our customers. We also focus on building meaningful and beneficial relationships with our partners.
We’re proud to be a member of Motorola’s Channel Partner Network. Working together with Motorola, the leader in communications technology around the world, we’ll build the solutions that you need and deliver results that you can count on.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is one of the top providers of efficient communication services and solutions for today’s wireless two-way communication devices. No matter what your business, all the way from production to off-site to your front office, Motorola has solutions that work. These solutions allow your business to be more productive as your team works in demanding and competitive environments.

L3 Harris

NYCOMCO has been a dealer of L3 Harris product since 1958. Once called Ericson, L3 Harris is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. Over our many years of partnership with L3 Harris, NYCOMCO provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. We bring speed, innovation and flawless execution together with our commitment to make the world more secure.


KENWOOD has been a leading provide for wireless communication systems since 1946. The brand is recognized worldwide for innovative thinking, progressive engineering, and precision manufacturing. Kenwood solutions specialize in P25 systems, command & control consoles for dispatch, logging, and AVL. Thanks to this synergy, customers can rely on industry-leading performance from our renowned mission/operation-critical systems.

EF Johnson

Committed to providing modern, turnkey critical communications solutions for today and the future. No one has time for complexities. That’s why ATLAS P25, KAIROS DMR, NEXEDGE NXDN system solutions, and Viking P25 radios are simple to purchase, deploy, use and maintain. We deliver superior products so that you can focus on your mission – protecting and saving lives.


For 40 years, Zetron has been creating mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, natural resources, healthcare, and academic institutions.

Every day, thousands of initiatives around the world are managed more effectively because control rooms have an improved ability to intake information, coordinate resources, and manage responses effectively. Every day incidents – measured in lives saved, minutes spared, costs averted, objectives achieved – all made better by Zetron.

From public safety emergencies to commercial needs for collaboration and managing corresponding actions, Zetron solutions empower integrated mission-critical communications.

Product Catalog​

At NYCOMCO, we have a unique partnership with Motorola Solutions, and this means you get access to their portfolio of advanced products and services. When you combine their products with our expertise in communications technology, you get superior solutions that are tailored to your unique business challenges.

Check out our Motorola Product Catalog to discover the latest 2019 Motorola equipment to support your industry. NYCOMCO partners with Motorola to provide a full product line of equipment that offers end-to-end solutions to optimize the performance of your two-way radio communications system. Our experience and partnership with Motorola ensure that your workforce and team have both clarity and security for maximum reliability.

We’re committed to delivering the best coverage for your business so that you can completely trust in the reliability of your communications system. Motorola’s product catalog is always up-to-date with their most technically advanced equipment. We have a full understanding and knowledge of Motorola’s wireless communication products and can advise you on the right choices for your business. Whether it’s two-way radios and accessories or complete communications system solutions, NYCOMCO partners with Motorola and has the answers that you need.

To learn more about our partnership with Motorola, contact us. We’re happy to discuss what it means to partner with a superior wireless communications leader.

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